In 2019 I was faced with a challenge—how to help emerging and established Christian authors share their talent, and personal stories, with the world. The simple truth is that readers have choices and I wanted to create a website that would make it easy for you to discover new authors of Christian literature or keep up to date with authors you already know. is a simple way to do just that: find Christian books or titles that can help you in this wonderful journey of life. Bookmark our page as we’ll continue to add new authors and titles in the coming months.

The FCB promise

My goal is to provide an online resource where writers can connect with readers of Christian fiction and non-fiction. Instead of combing through lengthy, cluttered website lists, offers a clean, easy way to find great reads.

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Christian authors and readers are all part of a massive international community that transcends borders, race and political divisions. Help us out by:

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JP Robinson

Disclaimer: doesn’t sell books. We are a paid service that helps Christian authors connect with readers. While we strive to have wholesome, clean books on our site, being listed on our site does not constitute an endorsement by Logos Publications, LLC or JP Robinson.